Praying for the church of Iran in the midst of crisis


In the midst of turmoil and unrest, we want to pray that the church of Iran would boldly proclaim the Gospel to their countrymen.

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That amidst the struggle for freedom, that Iranians would find true freedom in Christ.

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For the Church of Iran

As the Iranian church seeks to respond to the hurt, pain, grief, and anger around them, we pray they hope in God and walk as children of the light.

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24 hours of Prayer for Iran

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Join us as we pray for the nation and people of Iran. Amidst the protest and cries for freedom and life, that they find true freedom in Jesus Christ, the Bread of Life.

By signing up to pray, you will receive a reminder with a link to ways to pray for Iran during your allotted time. Join us as we pray around the clock for Iran.

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